Explore our full range of progressive short-term inpatient rehabilitation services offered at our subacute rehab facilities. Our home-like facilities offer a comprehensive variety of programs and services to help you regain quality of life after a total joint replacement surgery. As a patient, you will experience high-quality medical care, caring support from our compassionate staff, and most importantly; progressive rehabilitation to help reduce your pain and discomfort, enhance your mobility, and restore function.

What is Subacute Rehabilitation?

Subacute rehabilitation offers an expanded level of service, complex medical care/rehabilitation as an alternative to prolonged hospital care.

Distinguishing Characteristics of Subacute Rehabilitation:

  • Lower intensity than acute rehabilitation
  • Can be a step after acute rehabilitation
  • Up to 3 hours of rehabilitation per day

Meridian Subacute Rehab facilities care for patients with a variety of diagnoses requiring rehabilitation. Some of the diagnoses include orthopedic conditions of Joint Replacements, Amputations, Multiple Traumas, and Hip Fractures.

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