On your road to recovery, your care after you leave the hospital is as important as your care in the hospital. At Meridian At Home, we understand the important role that being in your own home plays in the healing process. However, we also know that you may need some professional support to get you back to functioning to your fullest and continuing with your daily routine. Our team of highly skilled professional therapists work to improve movement and function for people of all ages with orthopedic conditions.

What is Home Care Rehabilitation?

Home care rehabilitation offers services in the comfort of the patient’s home providing a seamless transition from an inpatient disposition to independent functional living before resuming outpatient therapy. We are able to ensure patient safety and develop functionality in the comfort of your individual living space.

Distinguishing Characteristics of Home Rehabilitation:

  • Rehabilitation services in the comfort of a home environment
  • Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy
  • Working in tandem with Durable Medical Equipment needs

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