Expert Orthopedic Care Gets Trainer Back in the Gym

Personal trainer Tara Ricciuto was used to having some aches and soreness and pushing her body when it comes to exercising. However, in 2011, when the discomfort in her right hip wasn’t going away, the 40-year-old from Matawan sought treatment locally at Riverview Medical Center.

Finding the right treatment

“The first time I noticed any hip pain was in 2009, while I was teaching a class,” Tara says. “I went into a deep lunge and felt pain in what I thought was my groin. When it didn’t go away, I decided to see a doctor, who diagnosed me with a torn labrum and suggested I undergo surgery to prevent more complicated problems later.”

Tara elected to have surgery and quickly returned to running and working out. However, two years later, Tara’s pain returned — this time in her other hip.

A good reputation in the community and some research led Tara to Jeffrey Van Gelderen, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon on staff at Riverview. All the praise for Dr. Van Gelderen proved to be true during Tara’s first visit.

“Dr. Van Gelderen was great from the first day I met him,” Tara recalls. “He wasn’t pushy at all, and he considered every treatment option before recommending surgery again.”

A Quick recovery

According to Dr. Van Gelderen, femoroacetabular impingement and the labral tears that can come with it often occur in young to middle-aged adults. Left untreated, it can lead to cartilage damage. Without early intervention, this can cause osteoarthritis, which can lead to the need for a hip replacement in the future.

“There are conservative treatment options available, including antiinflammatory medications and physical therapy,” Dr. Van Gelderen explains. “I knew Tara led a very high-demand lifestyle, and after unsuccessful alternatives, we agreed hip arthroscopy was her best option.”

Hip arthroscopy is an outpatient procedure in which a small camera helps the doctor visualize the hip joint and identify any problems. Small incisions are made in order to repair damage. The procedure offers advantages over open surgery, in that it is less invasive and offers significantly shorter recovery time.

When the surgery was complete, Tara was anxious to begin working out. With a combination of physical therapy and hard work, she was out running just three months later. She credits Dr. Van Gelderen with her excellent result.

“I really liked Dr. Van Gelderen because, although I wanted to deal with the pain as quickly as possible, he didn’t push me to have surgery just to have it,” Tara says. “His attention to detail was especially appreciated. Following the surgery, I had no bruising and very little pain. It was an easy recovery, and I am grateful to be able to work out pain-free again.”

Jeffrey T. Van Gelderen, M.D.
Red Bank • 732-741-2313

—Caitlin Coyle

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